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Public utilities

Together, we create new business models, reach a wider audience, personalize product and service offerings, analyze customer data, and foster innovation.

We create new business models, fostering innovation.

Greater Operational Efficiency

Digital technologies, such as automation and artificial intelligence, have allowed public utility companies to optimize their processes and reduce costs. For example, the use of smart sensors in energy distribution systems has enabled better monitoring and control of energy flow, improving energy efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Improved Service Quality

Public utility companies have adopted digital technologies to enhance the quality of service they provide to their customers. For instance, some companies have implemented mobile applications for customers to make inquiries and transactions online, enhancing the user experience and reducing wait times.

Increased Use of Renewable Energy Sources

The transition to renewable energy sources has been a significant focus in the public utilities industry. The adoption of digital technologies, such as advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, has enabled better planning and management of the integration of renewable energies into existing energy systems.


Executives in consumer goods and services companies believe that digital transformation is important for their future success.


Cost reduction using digital technologies to improve operational efficiency.


Consumers expect companies to use their purchase history and online browsing to provide a personalized shopping experience.


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

Digital technologies have allowed better management and control of greenhouse gas emissions in the public utilities industry. For example, the adoption of emissions control technologies in power plants has led to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Enhanced Safety

Digital technologies have also enabled better safety management in the public utilities industry. For instance, the adoption of leak detection technologies in water and gas supply systems has allowed for a faster and more efficient response to emergencies.

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