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Success Stories


Leading the Management Process

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, TrustPass emerged as a driving force in patient information management through a platform and mobile application. This initiative not only focused on technology but also collaborated with influential partners such as the NBA and the Atlanta Hawks to provide comprehensive solutions.

Collaboration and Innovation

TrustPass not only developed a platform and mobile application to manage patient information related to COVID-19 testing but also established an effective marketing strategy. Collaborating with prominent names such as the NBA and the Atlanta Hawks led to the creation of a COVID-19 testing platform tailored for players, staff, and spectators.

– Beyond Storage: Creation of a platform and app for patient information management.

– Influential Partners: Collaboration with the NBA and the Atlanta Hawks.

Digital Passport and Tangible Solutions

TrustPass didn’t stop at test management. The creation of the first digital passport to verify vaccination status marked a milestone in healthcare management. Moreover, the installation of PCR vending machines at different points provided an accessible way to access tests. Additionally, new tests and services were developed to monitor various aspects of health.

– Innovation in Verification: Development of the first digital passport for vaccination status.

– Accessibility and Convenience: PCR vending machines at key locations.

– Expanding Reach: Development of new tests and health monitoring services.

Community Impact and Healthcare Management

TrustPass’s initiative achieved significant impact. It wasn’t just about managing tests but also about creating a comprehensive network of solutions. Collaboration with influential partners and the implementation of innovative technologies contributed to safety and confidence in healthcare management during uncertain times.

– Beyond Testing: Creation of a comprehensive network of healthcare management solutions.

– Confidence and Safety: Contribution to safety in healthcare management.

Constant Innovation and Collaboration

TrustPass’s story highlights the importance of constant innovation and collaboration in creating effective solutions. In a constantly changing world, adaptation and seeking opportunities are key to addressing present and future challenges.

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