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 Aguas de Lourdes

The success of digital consulting


Aguas de Lourdes, renowned for its premium quality, faced limitations in its digital presence. The company sought a comprehensive digital transformation, realizing that connecting with consumers in the digital era required strategies beyond conventional methods.

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Sailing Digital Waters with Creativity

Identified Challenges:

-Limited digital presence beyond conventional advertising.

-Need to stand out in a saturated market.

-Lack of direct connection with consumers.

Research and Discovery Process: The initial phase involved a comprehensive analysis of the company’s digital evolution and the identification of specific challenges. Online surveys and data analysis were conducted to better understand the digital preferences of the audience.

Proposed and Implemented Solution: The strategy focused on two key pillars: strategic collaboration with restaurants and bartenders, and enhancing digital presence through events and social media. Implementation included creating engaging content and exploring new ways to reach consumers through digital experiences.

Elevating the Brand in the Digital World

Quantitative Results of the Project:

-20% increase in sales during the implementation period-

-Market expansion by 15% due to the acquisition of new customers through events and social media.

Qualitative Benefits and Observations:

-Transformation of the brand perception as a leader in the premium water category.

-Increased engagement and participation of consumers in events and online activities.

Navigating Toward the Digital Future

Navigating Toward the Digital Future

Reflection on Collaboration and Project Process:

The collaboration with restaurants and bartenders not only transformed the marketing strategy but also revitalized Aguas de Lourdes’ digital presence. Innovation and creativity were crucial in adapting to the digital environment, yielding results beyond the initial expectations.

Projections or Future Expectations:

The implemented strategy lays the groundwork for future digital collaborations and events. Aguas de Lourdes plans to continue exploring new ways to connect with consumers, leveraging technology and creativity to stay at the forefront of the premium water industry.

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